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Welcome to TechBitsBlog! In an era where technology is evolving rapidly, we strive to demystify the complexities and bring you easy-to-understand, actionable advice. Whether you’re seeking the latest insights on hardware, diving into software intricacies, or hunting for hands-on tutorials, TechBitsBlog has got you covered. Born out of a passion for technology and the desire to share knowledge, our mission is simple: to empower our readers and offer helpful tips across the spectrum of Information Technology.


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Caleb Hess, Creator of TechBitsBlog, sitting in a suit and glasses.
Caleb Hess, Creator of TechTipsBlog

About Caleb Hess

Meet the mind behind TechBitsBlog, Caleb Hess. A Senior Software Engineer and Director of IT, Caleb has been immersed in the tech world for well over a decade, working in all aspects of IT. But beyond the professional realm, he’s also a technology enthusiast at heart, with a penchant for gaming, motorcycles, and an entrepreneurial spirit that’s seen him own multiple businesses.

Caleb’s unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion for tech ensures that every article on TechBitsBlog is not just informative but also relatable. His hands-on approach and knack for breaking down complex topics make TechBitsBlog a trusted resource for both tech newbies and seasoned experts.

When he’s not dissecting the latest tech trends or writing for TechBitsBlog, Caleb enjoys spending time as an EMT-B and indulging in his writing hobby. Always keen on exploring new avenues, he embodies the spirit of constant learning and growth that TechBitsBlog champions. If you want to learn more about Caleb please check out the Hello World! post.